Friday, September 16, 2005

I Can't Believe I'm Considering Going To A Garage Sale

So, I'm thinking of going to a garage sale. Or 2. And then I got excited and wrote down about 9 that I could go to. I'll let you know how it goes. Everything says "Saturday, 8am" and that's pretty early...for a Saturday. Ok, for going out any day...but still. We'll see if the neighbours stupid Fr*#$&^ beagle is barking agian at 5am as has been it's habit this week...yes, all week. It was getting pretty old by today and I was contemplating a nicely worded letter to the property managers, and THEN...get this --> I calm down - somewhat - about the pre-dawn canine serenade only to have the neighbours pack up and go out...leaving the dog at home. Of course, the thing begins to bark and howl and yip and whine until they came home 62 minutes later. AT WHICH TIME they exit their vehicle and immediatly undermine my b!tchy neigbour letter writing tendencies by indulging my children with fresh donuts!! What the heck is up with that?! Nice neighbours my a$$....oh and please, cute, polite, nice neighbour children, please, please watch for our poor little kitty cat as it has run away...and now the two dogs we own have nothing to chase up and down the hallway and bark at until all hours and they are miserable and lonely.

Wow, was that a tangent or what?! If the dumb dog wakes me up, I might as well drive by a garage sale or two. If I sleep in, well, that's good too.

In other news, Rai has begun hockey and after a small misunderstanding (regarding the other players using Raiden as a "statue to crash into by purpose!!") was cleared up, he had a pretty ok time and is looking forward to his next ice time. He's pretty stoked...and is fairly, um, strutting in all his gear. Pictures next week...please stay tuned.

So, highlights of the week....began to organize Homeschooler's Rec Swim Time, Dad's Birthday dinner, Brad pulled some lady out of the river, we did our reading all week, the optometrist popped out his plastic eye to show Raiden and Kori did not vomit (yes, really), Spring Clean of the kitchen in anticipation of my mother in law's visit in early November, Family Date Night in Kingston (Bri earned almost a basketful of Brownie points with that one!), kids are asking to begin school-book-work, new EQ expansion out, and I did not nap all week even after being up at 5am 5 days in a row. Oh, and I didn't yell too much. At this rate, next week will be superb!!

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