Sunday, March 26, 2006

O, The Frustration

Sometimes I wish my kids were mind readers. That way, they would know I really meant what I asked THE FIRST TIME. I'm losing what little patience God gave me. I think it's payback for my long-gone-teenage-antics. I don't even have to apoligize to my mom....she just knows that I'm sorry. I am really, really, really trying not to yell. Really. And I'm not a that's out too.

And what is it with the inherent need to buck the system? It's a control thing right? I know they are their own little people. I try to let go of the control. I explain the purpose of the things we do. Fo example, I cannot feed people all day. The hydro bill, for starters cannot handle having the fridge opening and closing like that all day long. If Kori could sleep as long as she wanted, and Raiden could eat every time he didn't want to put some work into something, I'd be feeding people, literally, all. day. long. Rai would want something when he got up at 6. And then Bri would want a coffee at 6:30. And then Kori would eat at 9ish when she got up and thay would look good to Rai, so might as well make something for him too. And then Bri is home at 10:30 for lunch. But, can't feed the kids...they're not very hungry yet....So then at 11:15, they'll start..."I'm huunnnnggggrry....when's luunnnnnch??" So. Feed them again. School work after lunch is too hard, so Rai better have a snack...and when he's done, well, Kori thinks that looked pretty good. So I'd better make her something. But only after I cleaned up Rai's snack. By then they'd better go out to play. Feed them a snack when they come in. Oop. Now Brian's home...snack and more coffee. Dinner. Clean up. Bed-time...but wait...better have a snack....Rai's sleeping, Kori's still's 8:30, a whole hour since she's eating her snack. Better have a little something before she shuts out her light. Brian' emerges...penguining in the fridge...Better eat. Coffee would be good too. See??? It would never end!!!

So I try to explain my everyone that I ask things to be done and guide the activities 'round here to include everyone, take care of everyone's needs, keep the household running, respect everyone's need for free time, privacy, etc. I actively try to let the kids have the control of their lives...(ok, well lately, I have been) but there still needs to be a mutual respect of our family unit, right?

Arrgh. This parenting thing was easier when you only had to figure out the front of the diaper.

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