Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Is Shaping Up

Summer is really here. Bri's regularly taking Fridays off of work. 30 degrees plus today. Thank goodness for air conditioning! I don't remember it being this hot when I was a kid. But then again, I didn't have to vacuum every 10 minutes after a dog who was blowing her coat. And so it goes.

We have cleaned up and moved the school shelf. I should get a picture up for you peeping Tom's who just can't help themselves. The kids have had their annual check-up (they're growing well, thanks...we need to think about the Chicken Pox vaccine) and their semi-annual dental check-up (Kori is a poster child for dental hygiene, Rai needs a bit of help and will have his molars sealed in Sept.). Kori has grown about 7 inches since March '05. Can you believe that?! We are spending more time outside. We are filling up the calendar with activities to attend. The kids are happy with their daily routine of school work. I really think that June should be the start of our official 'school year'.

So, here's how the summer is shaping up: In July, we begin attending the local Library Program Days. The kids will also participate in the summer Book Club - in which I hold them to the highest standard of work. It is some of the only work they actually have to produce and present, so they might as well approach it with consideration and purpose. Serendipitously, I registered for the Library Programs without causing a conflict with the Museum Programs the kids want to take in. However, there will be a couple of busy days. Please pray for good weather so Bri can take the bike to work on those days. The last week of July, Kori will attend a week of Brownie Camp. Add in a few camping trips - we're looking forward especially to Charleston Lake, a few beach days, a visit from Grandma Maddie and Dr. Gerald, maybe a much anticipated movie and a bit of fishing...Not to mention a wedding (congrats Paul & Lisa!) and a visit to the farm for Kori; it's looking like it could be a great summer!!

In other news, I am trying to lend some leadership to encourage some regular, local Home schooling support and networking. We are blessed to have many wonderful, insightful, supportive, intelligent and talented ladies in the area who are all interested in some regular contact. We had a lovely Coffee & Chat evening at the end of May. Six families attended a casual Beach Day at St. Lawrence Park last week. There is another Coffee & Chat in the works for early July as well. I hope to have a good momentum built up for September (perhaps a Not-Going-Back-To-School Picnic...hmmm!!) and I hope that it will carry on through the winter.

Check out the pictures; drop us an email; Love & Laughter to all.

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