Monday, July 10, 2006

OUR FAMILY IS GROWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JANIE IS GETTING MARRIED!!! I won't say too much more as the date is not set...But I can fairly confidently say that Lucas has been pulled in, hook, line and sinker!!! Another little brother. Why am I excited?!?

In other news, as hard as I try, I am finding it difficult to fit school work in on a regular basis. Maybe I have priority problems. I guess I genuinely believe that kids need to be kids...and so if friends come over, or if they want to play outside, I'm happy for them to do so instead of making them sit and 'do' school. I was telling Bri the other day that their entire Language Arts/English 'requirements' for a grade year are met through regular summer library program attendance and participation in the summer book club. So, that's a good thing, I suppose. As long as this stuff gets fit in along the way...somewhere....

We're gearing up for a camping trip this weekend. Matt and Michelle (I wonder if there will be any other announcements any time soon from anyone are coming and Jane and Lucas should be there as well. Brad will come I think...perhaps his new friend will put in an appearance. Raiden, each night at bedtime, has been asking if I've thought of anything else to bring with us. He's been having some...challenges...lately trying to occupy himself without the TV, PC or XBox and is worried he'll be bored in the great outdoors for 3 days. As I extol the virtues of having balance in our lives, trying to avoid implementing communistic measures around the household electronic entertainment, he escapes to his lie on his bed and play with his Tamagotchi . So, we are taking about 100lbs of board games, card games, dice games, water toys, campsite toys and snacks. Lord knows if we'll fit in the stuff we actually need. Like clothes. And bug spray.

Kori is off to learn about Victorian Tea Parties at the Museum tomorrow. She's pretty excited. The boldest, most abrasive, obnoxious boy I have ever met is enamored with Kori. Thank GOD we only see him at the library. And he doesn't go there to do library-ish type things...nooooo....he goes there to hang out. Loudly. Boldly. Obnoxiously. He told Kori he can't read. SO WHY HANG OUT AT THE LIBRARY!?!?!?!??! (Ok, the good Mom in me suggested that she should read to him...I only thought the evil thoughts.) As we left the library today, Kori noticed he was playing in the elevator. Up. Down. Up. Down. Gather some wayward children into the elevator with him. Up. Down. Exit the elevator as the Children's Librarian storms onto the scene and throws her arm across the doors with the authority and intimidation Navy Seals only dream about having. The other day Kori was at the Library, sitting at the same table as he was. I had to pull Kori out of the program room to explain to her that she was currently experiencing a "wrong place - wrong time" situation and if she did not remove herself, she would find herself unwelcome at other library programs because the Children's Librarian actually had begun to tremble and sweat due to the insolence of this boy. I suppose, pulling the positives out of the situation here, Kori and I are having some great 'parental guidance' type of discussions. She participates, I observe. We converse, I offer guidance and feedback. She goes back and actually does a pretty good job at putting into practice my suggestions and feedback. Now, if I were to just tell her she had to stay away from this kid, there would be problems. But today, I caught her explaining to him why his behaviour was inappropriate for the library. She told him, "Dillon, when you shout across the library like that, it's inconsiderate to the people who are in to read". And, "Dillon, if you're not here to read or go to the Program Room, then you should really go to the park". I especially liked, "Dillon, you need to sit properly in that chair before Maureen (the aforementioned Children's Librarian) sees you and speak to people with a polite tone of voice; my mom will get mad if call her 'HEY YOU" can say 'Mrs. XX' to her until she invites you to use her first name." Oh, thank you Montessori. And I do believe God has heard my is getting through to her!! Now, if I have to hear anymore about the $44 dollar silver chain he bought her at the pawn shop that he lost in his room (yeah, ok...right.) I'll scream.

The only other cool thing going on is that I've been spending a wee bit of time with a wonderful lady. She home schools her three boys - 15, 17 & 18. She is so creative and talented and inspiring. Such a positive person for me to be around. The reason I mention her is that she is into Artist Trading Cards. These are a form of artwork that is so versatile, it's amazing. A person makes a series (usually having a theme) of 9 cards. You then trade these cards - one for one - with others who have made their own set. You can use any medium you want as long as it is hockey card sized. Seriously, have a look on the net...ATCs are HUGE. It has been so long since I have had a creative outlet...I'm having a great time living vicariously through my new friend's creativity. Hopefully I'll get my butt in gear and return to some sort of creative endeavor that I enjoy...maybe my knitting.

I'm off to download pics from the camera. Check out the new photo album....I'll be back after the weekend to put up some camping pics.


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