Friday, July 28, 2006

My House Is Home Again!!

Had a great drive to the Camp to get Kori. Just sailed through traffic and arrived early. She was very happy to see us and she was in great spirits. We collected her things and she had hugs for many of the leaders on the way out. She's got addresses and emails for a few of the girls. So, all in all, a good week away for her.

We had plans to try and hit opening night at the theatre after a lasagna dinner. However, reality strikes. Kori is exhausted. So it is The Princess Bride and bagels, grapes, yogurt and juice for dinner. Then bed. Tomorrow we will see about a movie, drop Kori's camera off for the prints to be developed and soccer first thing for Rai.

Conversation in the car was cute...'Kori, why are you talking in such a nice voice to me?' 'Well, Rai, I"ve been gone for a week and I missed you a little bit. I'm glad to be going home; I'm so tired!' 'Oh. Well, it's good you liked camp. I missed you a bit, I guess, if I think about it. And I didn't kill your Tamagotchi, so that's good too.'

Brian and I have been busy sprucing up the living room. New draperies hung across the big window. Nothing fancy, but it is really nice to have privacy drapes after 7.5 years. And the new sheers have to be hemmed. We agreed on an area rug without fuss and we need to empty the entertainment unit to remove the old one before the new can be laid. Perhaps that will happen tonight. I was hoping to steam clean the wall-to-wall, but it is so humid so I will wait until the weather breaks. I hope to do some knitting this winter and will try to make a matching throw and maybe a pillow or two to match the new rug. Ambitious, eh?

Samantha has confirmed her travel plans and will join us the last week of August. Hopefully we can find some things to do that she will enjoy. Raiden has a 3 day museum thing coming up soon. I want to look into swimming lessons for Kori and the Conservation Area's day camp for Rai, but they might be delusions of grandeur. It would be nice to get the day camp in for Rai - although it will mean a week of crazy-car-scheduling with Brian - as he would get a whole semester of environmental science under his belt. Kori is actually asking do do some physical activity so how can you ignore that?! And she would like the boost of confidence...she failed her camp open water swim test which she knows she can complete in the pool. Anyway...that's just stuff to do this week.

Hopefully I'll get back to the school work grind as well. Kori is asking for more math work and both kids are excited about our Ancient Egypt unit we'd begun earlier this summer. Book reports continue and we're getting behind on our read alouds.

So much focus on the kids and the house, I'm letting other things slide. Going to have to get a handle on that. The dreaded schedule may have to be adhered to a little more faithfully. Off to keep the laundry moving...Kori took a lot of clothes to camp! Pick -up Kori photos will be up in the next day or so.

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