Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No News Is Good News

Kori was dropped off at camp on Sunday. Dad got a hug. Raiden got a hug. Mom got a "Mom!?! I have to camp with these girls all week! I'm not hugging you!" It's been raining in little spurts on and off. Hopefully that's not putting a damper on the campers or their activities. I took pictures and will get them uploaded here sometime soon. Brian is convinced I am a little worked up about her being gone - I tend to have seperation issues - but really, other than a couple niggling thoughts about her mood and if she's happy about the food choices, I'm good. Camp won't call unless there's a problem...so, no news is good news.

Raiden and I have had two lazy-ish days. Brian has been motivating so our evenings are full. We are getting a few things done around the house. That's a refreshing thing too! We got word today that the property has, in fact, changed hands and that our building manager will be staying on. Hopefully they will resume the work on our unit to get these much awaited, long overdue repairs caught up. It took them from February until June to paint my kitchen ceiling...I am not holding my breath for anything too ambitious.

The school shelf is expanding to become the school area. We have reached a time that I will need to search out a nice math program for Kori. Raiden seems to be happy to finish out the Miquon series. I would give my right arm for more wall space or a new shelf unit. I constantly am torn between a peaceful, uncluttered living space and covering the walls with posters and kid creations. Kori has been talking about doing some activities this Fall. That is a great thing to hear from her! I think she's leaning toward swimming lessons or gymnastics. She had mentioned horseback riding...which she would probably really enjoy...but the cost here is very expensive. I am anxious to begin music lessons with the kids as well. I know they will be fine if they started later, as I did. But I am anxious nonetheless. They do enjoy puttering on the keyboard and playing some internet based theory tutorials. I'll have to redirect my anxious energy to something productive. The kids have been asking what the schedule will be come the Fall and the 'start' of school. They seem to like the idea of school work on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday with weekends and Wednesdays off. They have asked to do easy and fun science experiments. Raiden has asked that there be no writing work, but it's ok if I ask him to read some stuff. It is good for me that they have these scheduled, schooled ideas. It was easier to lesson plan when I used to get paid for it at the pool. But, this is all thinking ahead...

For now, we continue to work on some literature and reading based work. The kids are doing the weekly book reports at the library. Raiden is considering a week of Environmental Science day camp. He and I are on our 4th version of Treasure Island. I've begun Christmas cross-stitch ornaments. We totally missed the local strawberry season so the plans for fresh, homemade Christmas Strawberry jam have died a quiet death. I may get out this week for raspberries and I see that blueberries are ready as well. I would prefer to do the pick-your-own thing at a local farm. So preserves for Christmas may yet be a reality. Orange marmelade looks interesting and easy to make as well....

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