Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Just Paid $6 For A Bag Of Chips

Plans for Friday Start to pack Kori as she leaves for Woolsey on Sunday. Get Nuk to the salon for 11:30. Finalize Bri's contract job: give back the box and pick up cheque. Make plans for beach day on Sat with Pete, Teresa and baby Sepp (April 12/06, 6lb9oz). Ray's Reptiles at the Library: July 26, 2-3pm FREE, so register!

Thursday Busy day. Did a whirlwind tidy up of the house, kids and dog in preparation for Madeline's visit (Brian's Mom). As everyone was saying their hello's, Nuk puked on the floor. I hate it when God uses me to get his jollies. Took the kids for a late grocery shop. Focused on whole foods, less junk and chemicals as Rai has been having some pretty serious stomach problems. Kids played outside with friends a lot. Rai went to the library for a Chess Club program. I pulled him early as the supervision went to hell: Summer Student had to chase 3 10 year olds around instead of guiding the the other 15 kids sort of lost their focus and got a little silly. The 3 10 years olds were found int he elevator punching each other and trying to recruit others. Kori was amazed to see them physically removed from the building. Now she believes me when I tell her those particular kids are lacking in parental guidance. Thinking of pulling kids from remaining library programs. Had a good chat about my thought in the car on the way home. Kids agreed: Library is no fun when others are acting out. Lunch at Eastsides with Madeline. Shopping afterward at the brought home new stuffed animals and chocolate. Thank you Grandma Maddie!! It is officailly the weekend as Brian is off, although on-call. He takes his yearly holidays throughout the summer by booking off all the Fridays he can. Works out well as the only other time he takes off are the kids' birthdays and a day or so at Christmas. I have officially given up on makin gthis blog fancy, so please forgive formatting, spelling and graphic mistakes. Just be thankful I've posted an update. Oh, bought new lipstick as my current fave melted. Stupid thing. They don't even make it with the nice smell it had anymore.

Wednesday Good day with the kids. I have banished the XBox and TV until polite manners resurface. Rai did his book report. Both did some independent work while I cleaned up. That is working out to be a good system: Eat, get ready for the day, chores, independent work while I clean up. Library program for both kids. Kori had an attack of 'boy crazy' and accomplished nothing, remembers nothing. Even after we talked about making good choices for ourselves before attending. NOT liking that Dillon kid. Surprised the kids after dinner with circus tickets. Dad and I took the kids. I lined them all up (Dad included) on the couch before we left and was very clear that there would be no food/drink treats AT ALL due to Rai's stomach problems. Sat on the floor instead of in the bleachers this year. Still hot as an oven. Good show overall. Came home with a baloon, an overpriced twirly, light-up thing, a light-up-your-mouth thing and Kori's face painted. Kori's little friend ended up buying a bag of cotton candy and the two of them plowed through it while I took Rai to the bathroom. Saw Kristen who was sporting a newly pierced lip and an entourage of loyal friends. Kids had to sit on th efloor up front by the ring for the second half...if I was braver I would have run up and taken a pic of them and all their little buddies. Ran into the kids' hockey-game buddies Alexis and Darian with their wee sister Willow. Brought home a big dose of brown-eyed baby fever from the ciurcus.

Tuesday Attempted more camping laundry. Finally everything is put away. I hate being lazy and unmotivated. Caught up on some email. Made a good dent in the kids' summer reading. Neighbours in the two units next to us are moving. That could be a mixed blessing. Won't miss the thumping on the master bedroom wall as the beagle next door runs circles and yips in his crate. Won't miss cathcing people releiving themselves on my outside wall and fireworks at 12am when the neighbours two doors down host a gathering.

Monday Lazy day. Did some reading with the kids and bathed my feet like, 30 times in cool water and baking soda. Went way overboard on the anti-itch cream. Laundry is piled 3 baskets high. I hate washing sleeping bags. I have a wierd looking sunburn on my chest. The kids had a blast camping and want to know what they can do now? I told them laundry. They called me un-cool. Booked Nuk in at the doggie salon to have her nails done on Friday. Looking forward to it as she doesn't mind the car too much since I bought her a doggie-seatbelt.

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