Thursday, July 27, 2006

Letters From Camp

" Dear Everyone,

I am not having a good time. I have lots of friends but Twitchy is really mean. Plus, I have failed the swim test. THanks for wishing me good luck, Dad, but it didn't help. Twitchy made two stupid rules. One: Don't put bags under bunk ladders or they will be taken away and Two: Don' t shine flashlights in Ms.Perfect's (Twitchy's) eyes or they will be taken away. Plus we have to clean our room and make sure it is tidy for when Twitchy does her secret inspection. My friend Julie is reading a Songe Bob story, but I am not really listening. I really miss you and want to go home!

Love Kori"

Well. Isn't that just 'Kori' to a T. 27 more hours before she is rescued.

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