Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Day In Our Summer

We had a busy day today...but it was good. Brian would have been so proud of me (really!) as I got everyone up and out and stayed on task without crashing from stress and although running 10 minutes behind all day - we managed to catch up by the day's end.

Kori was dropped off to spend a few days at the farm with the McCombs. It will be her longest time away from home so far (4 nights, 5 days)....a fact I noticed really, I've only lost one night of sleep over it so far. Pretty good, considering.

I'm hoping to accomplish a lot this week as I am feeling the need to organize and gear up for a busy fall. I would like to be somewhat more academic with the kids this school yearas they seem to be asking for it...however I know I need to balance that out with a continuation of our unschooling ways. That will be the hard part for me. We followed a loose schedule for most of last year. I intend to schedule a bit more into our weeks this year. Most things are planned out in my mind. I am trying to include the kids in our planning. We still need to sit down with a calendar and set it in stone, as they say. That will be a gradual process as we figure out activity schedules and such. I am gearing up for an official 'start day' in about two weeks and we will resume our regular read aloud time and Library Days. Perhaps we will be able to start some regular Music time as well. Then as schedules fall into place and we get used to the new pace, we will need to add in Science and Everyday Work. The big deal this year will be to keep some semblance of organization around the house so we can fit everything in. Why is it that everyone seems to think it's the kids that learn a lot in the homeschooling home? The kids are fine; leaps and bounds ahead of me...who is struggling to keep up. Oh well, wish me luck!

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