Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Over & Out

I'm shedding some guilt and declaring a blog-iday. A holiday from my blog. I feel guilty when I don't blog regularly as I do enjoy it. I enjoy getting visitors and comments. I enjoy recording the little happenings in our lives and our learning. I, however, have learned that I cannot do everything when things get busy.

We're preparing for the holiday. December is a holiday in itself, never mind the whole Christmas thing. We've been enjoying making crafts and a bit of baking. Doing up some cards and having photos done. Sledding and shovelling and taking the dog out in the snow. I'm cleaning the house and keeping the laundry caught up. We're sidestepping the siding/roofer guys that keep clogging up the bottom half of our driveway and then huff and sigh when we ask them to make space for our car. We're wrapping and planning. Packing officially starts tomorrow.

So, for those December birthdays I'm not around for - Happy Birthday wishes to you. And Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating. I am looking forward to the post holiday blog posts from those who wish to share about their holiday happenings. I hope those who are not feeling well perk up soon and those who do feel well continue to do so through to the New Year and beyond.

For us, the holiday will continue through to the end of the month. Family Christmases on the 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th and one to be announced. Some travelling, some visiting, some sight-seeing and lots and lots of family time. There's a shin-dig my brother's been planning for New Year's and then I should be back. With stories!

So, I am off. See you on the flip side! Some pics to send you off...

Nuk lying in a snowbank. She's about five foot above the road at the end of our drive, watching traffic. Silly beast.

Puzzle piece Gingerbread Men ornaments in progress. Hat tip to Jennifer for the idea.

Homemade Christmas Cards. I sent out a whopping 4. The rest are to go with the homemade Christmas gift baskets for those we will see over the holidays.

A December tradition with friends. Graham cracker 'gingerbread' creations. R made a hockey rink complete with boards, goalie creases, face off circles and Zamboni snow banks.



oom said...

Oh, I hear you on this LOL! I manage to log into my blog but that seems to be as far as I get. I never knew that not working would be so much work...I am busier now than I was a month ago. Funny how that works ;-)

Will miss you and yours. Look forward to the update when you return. Happy B-Day to Miss K and Happy Holidays to you all.

Frankie said...

Merry Christmas!

Penelope said...

You folks have been busy! Merry Christmas, Bonni! Looking forward to updates when life slows down for you.

jugglingpaynes said...

Merry Christmas Bonni! Thanks for just being there!

Peace and Laughter,

oom said...

{I think your meez has had too much!}