Sunday, December 9, 2007

Paper Projects

I've been working hard to finish a paper project. My mom asked me to frilly up some pictures for one of my brothers. I'm a total rookie when it comes to these things, but I can claim some creative abilities which were much more prevalent in my youth. I finally finished it because there are two other projects knocking down my door.

Especially for Penelope, here's a few grainy, blurry highlights of the finished product:

Title Page. The glare is from the page protectors which are finicky to remove and replace.

Downtown London spread. I was a bit nervous to cut up the pictures when doing this project. After all, it wasn't my trip and I wasn't sure which pics were favourites. The pic at the bottom of this layout was sliced in half and there's another on the right that was chopped up into three tiny pieces.

Pop-Up Brother. I cut Dear Brother out of one of the copies of this picture and placed him over top of himself. Clever, no? In all of Dear Brother's pictures, the greens are very green and the blues are really, really blue. Must be that fresh English countryside air.

Pockets. These hold all Dear Brother's ticket stubs, receipts, flyers and pamphlets and other odds and ends you collect on a trip.

Endpage. If you know Dear Brother, you know that he', we'll call it 'self-assured' and 'confident'. He took some pics of his hand holding Stonehenge. Unfortunately, his perspective was off. So R and I played with the pics, cut out bits and pieces and came up with what R calls "How Stonehenge Was Built".

And that's the preview. Hopefully Dear Brother isn't angry that I cut up his pictures.


oom said...

Very nice! I imagine Dear Brother will appreciate the time and effort - and most certainly like the finished project.

Nice to see you around again!

justjen said...

I looks wonderful! Keep up the great work. I hope you continue to create. You have a great knack for it.

jugglingpaynes said...

That's very cool. My kids like doing trick photography too. I get lots of pictures with giant hands reaching in to grab people by their tiny heads.

Peace and Laughter,

Penelope said...

Wow, Bonni, I'm impressed! Very creative! Hmmmm...maybe if I sent you my photos....nah...that'd be asking a lot!

Thanks for posting those. They inspire me! Maybe after Christmas ;-)