Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh No. My Ravelry Invite Has Arrived.

So here I am about to start our schoolwork for the day. I check my email for the last time. It's justified, I'm the RSVP contact for two upcoming field trips. I'm waiting to hear from people!!

I'm also waiting to hear from Ravelry.

I was waiting on November 10th. I was #9327 in the queue.
I was still waiting for my invite on November 12th, I was #7397.
And then on the 14th, I was still way back at #6535.
I figured this was going to take forever.
Then, on the 22nd, I was #1840. Getting closer.

I didn't even check my status today. But lo and behold there is an invitation to Ravelry in my inbox. Right now! I'm a little excited. So much knitting motivation has never been collected in one spot before. I'm not even looking forward to making my own page, or keeping track of my stash or showing off my completed projects. No, I want to browse and discover! I want to explore and learn!

Yet, for the sake of my children, I will wait. Because we all know thay really, really want to get to their math lesson. Actually, they could leave the math lesson, but they are looking forward to our reading (Greek Myths). And we did sort of plan the day without a Ravelry interruption. <sigh>


Tammy said...

I was lucky to get mine before school started. It consumed the last few days of my summer! See ya there. tammyknits

BTW - I found you through our "Unsocialized Knitters" ring.

Miranda said...

Ooh, how exciting! I am totally hooked on Ravelry. See you there! I'm moominmamma.