Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Been Feeling Lost...

I've been feeling lost lately. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was not diligent in keeping up with the family calendar during October. This leaves me scrambling and at loose ends when various things like swimming lessons and soccer practice crop up. It's silly, really, as the sorts of activities I usually record on the calendar are the type of thing that crop up week after week at the same time.

So here we are at the beginning of November and I am all caught up with our family calendar. I can't believe how much of a communication tool it is. I just noticed last night when we had company stop by unexpectedly to invite the kids out on Saturday afternoon. The kids immediately ran to the kitchen to see if we had anything scheduled for the weekend. See? Even if I am organizationally challenged, hopefully some of my meagre efforts will stick with the kids as they grow older and scheduling becomes more of a necessity in their lives.

Tools of the Trade for Inquiring Minds:

A Really Big Calendar With Spacious Squares...this allows for stickers as well as paranoid notations that may not be necessary for regular people. If you write everything down, you may trick yourself into thinking you have a booming social schedule. Of course the practicality is that you probably won't show up for soccer practice as it's ending if you're diligent in recording the correct times for these things.

Expandable Folder...this is a dollar store find. Four files for a dollar. In this particular folder, I keep sticky notes, stickers, labels, etc. The little folder next to the big blue one is filled with little stickers. Stickers make planning our month fun for the kids. Really. It's not like I have a sticker fetish or anything.

Stickers...these will make each entry on your calendar noticeable. The kids like choosing a sticker that represents their soccer or swimming or hockey. I usually try to have one for library trips, homeschooler meetings and field trips. You need stickers for a calendar in order to keep track of engagements. Not just because you have a sticker fetish. Geez.

So there you have it. Part 1 of my regular scheduling habits.


Frankie said...

It's because of you that I have the exact same calendar gracing my now I suppose I'll have to be a copycat yet again and go buy more stickers. (Why didn't I think of that?) My son is 12, but still likes the stickers. I need to find tiny train stickers for the train club, amongst others.

I love, love, love this calendar!

Penelope said...

Wow, you are so much more organized than I am! I have a school year organizer that I write absolutely everything in. If I ever lost it... well, I can't even think about that.

I have a small sticker calendar in my kitchen and it's how my 6 year old keeps track of holidays and special events. It's a great little calendar!

Daphne said...

Like Frankie I do have that very same calender thanks to you! Although I find that one page of stickers, no matter how large the page. will certainly not be enough. And you're totally right about the effectiveness as a communication tool - even DH can't claim to have "not known" about an event when there is a bright yellow exclamation point in a red box screaming "LOOK AT ME". So Thank you!!!