Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sweater Sampler

Not having a knitting mentor, I have always been a little leery of delving into colour work. I finally got over myself long enough to begin this little sweater for K's 18" doll. I just picked from my stash instead of buying something new. I'm not happy with the shape of the yoke but I am pleased that most of my colour changes were smooth. I followed the pattern exactly. I was surprised by the number of ends to be sewn in after I was finished knitting. In the end, a good experiment and lots of room for improvement.


Brit said...

Beautiful! I'm impressed.

oom said...

I like it. You did a great job!

Penelope said...

Bonni, that is too cute! I've been busily sewing doll clothes to go with my daughter's Christmas gift. Is that a Maplelea doll? She looks familiar...we've perused the catalogue a lot this fall and I have a Jenna doll tucked away for a special little girl this year. Wish I could knit like you can - I'd add some sweaters to my pile of sewn doll clothes! Well done!