Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fruits of Labour

R has been particularly busy lately. It's a good thing I backed off the book work so he had time and space to create two particular masterpieces that were up to his exacting standards.

First, there was the fun and traditional letter to Santa. Letters to Santa are chatty, not list-ish. R went all out. He detailed his extra-curricular activities and told of our holiday plans. He went on for two pages. He included in the envelope a portrait of Santa that he had drawn and coloured. He wrote Santa's address in alternating black and red letters beside yet another picture of Santa. He drew a detailed Santa stamp. It was the most elaborate masterpiece he's created to date, me thinks. Such motivation and focus have rarely been seen.

Then, there is Evil Gum Stick Man. Evil Gum Stick Man has escaped his gum package and has attacked a poor, unsuspecting gum stick. The yet un-named gum stick did manage to escape in a subsequent episode. Over two days, R produced a few pages of the Evil Gum Stick Man story. He then treated those who crossed our door step with a guided reading of his newly produced comics. This was a pleasant surprise in every case as R is not normally one to produce such things, let alone share them spontaneously.

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