Monday, November 12, 2007

Someone's Been Busy

My 'reluctant writer' is discovering his motivation. It's nice to watch. I'm so glad I haven't stressed overmuch about my assumption that R isn't writing as much as he should. Or that his printing wasn't 'as good as it should be'. Or that is was 'too hard' for him. To see him sit down and create something, of his own volition, is a pretty decadent moment for me. It makes me run and get the camera. First, it's really great to see R get excited enough about his work that he wants to show it to everyone who comes in the door. Second, it's direct proof for me that Benign Neglect really is a successful way to teach reading and writing.

When it counts, he's right in there with a pencil... This writing endeavour is the traditional Letter To Santa. Completed last week, it contains more chit-chat than Christmas list. Because, I was told, that's how you write a letter. Not only was the letter written, but the envelope was stuffed with a coloured cut-out and decorated with a coloured stamp and a 'visual address' (pic of Santa) as well as a written one.
Here we have art in progress. But I can't call it 'art', because he doesn't like art. Calling it drawing is also questionable, so we'll refer to this as 'cartooning'.
The Evil Gum Stick Man has escaped from his package amidst a terrible and equally evil storm. Apparently the sequel is forthcoming.

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oom said...

Evil Gum Stick Man on the loose!?!? Oh NO! I hope he gets lost in that storm...

I think that 'cartooning' result is worthy of a choice spot on the fridge (the absolute highest honour in our house LOL!).

You know, I often find myself worrying about the kids' abilities (or my feared lack-thereof). I love it when it turns out to be just a lack of desire/interest/'spark' on their part :-). It's wonderful to see that 'light' go on....the results are usually fantastic (as R has demonstrated).