Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Incomplete Thoughts...

I figure that if I come to the keyboard with the expectation of probably not finishing a blog then perhaps something will be posted.

There's been a number of projects going on around here. Nothing too all-encompassing.
On the homeschooling front, we're finishing math and our current Story of the World reading and activities. I organized a session of Environmental Science at the local conservation area which finishes in a week. K's been writing up a storm and R has been reading on his own. We've been baking and planning and science-project-ing and hanging out and socializing and planting and observing and printing and adapting.
Building management actually managed some managing and our floors were un-carpeted and laminate was installed. New baseboards followed a week later with only a minimal amount of nagging on my part.
B and I bought bicycles, much to the kids' amazement. We've been enjoying some family bike rides this Spring. I look forward to working the kids up to across-town rides this summer.
Summer soccer has started. K decided to expand her repertoire with some team sports this year and has enjoyed her first couple games of the season.
B's job description has taken a drastic change and he's happy to be working from home this last while. I quite like it. It creates a different, more relaxed, vibe for me. For him, I think there's more disruption. However, we bought him a stylin' new coffee maker that seems to distract him from our disruptions. It's working so far.
R's just recently taken a turn for the worse in the kidney department. I've been emailing and on the phone with CHEO the last two days and it seems that surgery will be sooner than later. This is a pretty big blip on the radar for our family. I know a lot of our time and effort will be going toward getting through the prep, the procedure and the recovery - for all of us, not just R.
That's all she wrote for now folks. If I'm not traumatized by blogging for the first time in months, I'll be back.


Penelope said...

Hi Bonni! Glad you're back :) Thinking positive thoughts for R.

Hope you'll come back often!

Code Name... Mom said...

Even if this has traumatized you, it was still good to read the update. Hello to all your family, we're keeping R in our thoughts.


jugglingpaynes said...

I'm so glad to hear from you Bonnie, I've been worried. Thank you for the update. Sending prayers and positive energy. Laughter too.

Peace and Laughter,

Dorothy said...

A-Ha! You're back! Sort of.

It must be hard to enjoy the summer with that surgery looming. Praying for you all.