Monday, October 20, 2008

Cloth Napkins

I was thinking about the amount of paper we go through in my family.

I find the amount particularly ridiculous when I'm grocery shopping and I buy paper towel and 'dinner napkins'.

Spending $6 - $8 dollars every few shopping trips isn't a big deal. However, it is a big deal if I think about standing in my kitchen while tossing a handful of loonies into the trash.

Facing my sewing apprehension, I called my mommy to come over and help me get started.

I cut a couple of dollar store dish towels in half and finished the cut edge. Presto - cloth napkins!

I was so impressed with the finished product that I wasn't satisfied with a measly set of four. I bought three more matching dish towels. Now I've got a collection of ten napkins. Enough to get us partway through the week and certainly enough to have company at the table.

Next project: cut our paper towel consumption. Suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Make 18 more and you will have enough to last from Monday wash to Monday wash ;-). lazy self sees the benefit LOL!

justjen said...

I've always used cloth napkins. Have also received various odd looks when guests have found them next to their plates. It's so easy to toss them in the wash and use 'em again! I have found that I only use the ones that don't require ironing after laundering to make life much simpler.

Dorothy said...

What a good idea! So funny about you calling your mummy to come and help.

I'm a useless sew-er too!