Friday, October 24, 2008

Local Government Week

This week is Local Government Week in our community. The kids and I, along with some homeschooling friends, were off to City Hall to see where all those exciting local government things go on this past Tuesday morning.

We had a great tour with the City Clerk. Her talk ranged from the history of the building to the roles of the council members to the reason for the bell on the Mayor's Desk to the job of the Clock Master to the exciting work of the Planning Department.
The tragic thing I discovered about the inner workings of our fair City Hall is that the best view of all of the 1000 Islands Region is out the windows of the Council Chamber. Why oh why do they only use that room at night when it's dark?! You could charge admission for that view!
Anyway, a good morning had by all.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Looks like a neat trip! My thought about the Council Chamber-Maybe they have the meetings when it's dark so the no one gets distracted by the beautiful view.

Oh, and yes, we are getting the storm. Mainly wind and rain for us. Which is good because I want to sneak out and go to yoga.

Peace and Laughter!