Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Little Knitting

As the holidays approached, I let go of all my knitting plans. I realized what a stressful holiday I was setting myself up for. That's silly, since the holidays are supposed to be about enjoying the time you're spending with those you've chosen to spend the time with.

I did knit up this little guy, dubbed Petty Officer. Actually, I've crocheted him. He's Lion's Brand's Amigurumi Penguin. He's a cute little thing that just sits about the house in different places. (Ravelry Link)

Last year while out of town, I picked up some Lang Mille Colori. It's been sitting, waiting patiently, for me to get over myself. I finally took the plunge and cast on a pair of Marquise Gauntlets.

It was a good project for me to have to use cables. I've done cables before, but was not really a very confident cable-er. The first gauntlet, I stressed, took notes, flipped papers around and took about four times longer than needed to complete it.

The second gauntlet was a much faster knit since suddenly, the little slashes and shaded boxes of the pattern chart started making sense. If you look closely at both gauntlets, you can see that the first row of cables are twisted in opposite directions. But it really makes no difference. I like the colour of the yarn and I mastered some new things (like the two by two front cable slip-slip-knit decrease cross gak!). (Ravelry Link)

Next up on the docket are a pair of socks. I've knit a pair of socks for B before. I had knit them because I'd wanted to make him a homemade gift and I wanted to see if I could knit socks. They worked out fairly well. He even wears them sometimes. They were socks of a worsted weight yarn. Cotton. Work-sock-ish. These queued socks will be made of sock yarn and I'm going to try using a trickier sock pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. It's a book I've had for quite some time. It'll be nice to break it in.

On the needles currently, to be finished before the socks are started, is the twice-frogged BYOB shopping bag from Knitty. This is the second of a set of two. I think I have the colour pattern planned properly so knitting it up this third time should be the charm.

At the Christmas dinner table, I stated in front of witnesses that this year I'd like to do more knitting. Hopefully, this is a good start to a year of projects on the needles.


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jugglingpaynes said...

Luckily, I had my young knitter at my side to interpret some of this for me. (Frogged? What's that? She explained.) I love, love, love the penguin! I may need to force...I mean ask...Marina to knit one for me. I'm knitting impaired, can you tell? :o)

I will have to post her first sweater on my blog. She did an awesome job and it looks stunning on her!

Peace and Laughter,