Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Vacuum Is Dead. Again.

The vacuum is dead.


This is the third one in ten-years-minus-three-weeks. And I was trying to be oh-so careful with this latest model. Especially after B told me - in the gentlest terms possible - that I was a teensy bit hard on things, that I wasn't the most graceful housekeeper and that it would make his life complete if I could please, please be careful with the newest member of our appliance family. But that was a little more than two years ago.

I felt a little sick when the vacuum just sort of droned to a stop three quarters of the way across the rug. I felt a little sick when it wouldn't turn on even after I emptied out all the filters and spoke gently to it and gave it a time out and plugged it into a different outlet. I felt a little sick when B took it apart, right there in the living room and began stripping it of parts and wires. I felt downright nauseous when, two and a half hours later, B announced the vacuum was no more.

Not only can I be clumsy and graceless when cavorting around the house with a vacuum in tow, but I can curse myself. The day before this wretched event I was visiting with my sister. We were talking about house-y things when I told her that me next vacuum was going to be a Dyson. And that I was sure I'd get another two or three years out of my current model giving me ample time to save up my pocket change in anticipation of the big event.

Sure enough, 12 hours later, the Universe decided to have a big laugh at my expense.

So, after both B and I came to terms with the fact that the vacuum could not be economically resuscitated, we sat down to have another little chat. In all seriousness, it was a two sided discussion about investing in something that was going to do a good job for us for a number of years. Hopefully enough years so that when K flies the nest, she can load it up in the back of the car when departing for her post-childhood adventures.

Given our daily use of a vacuum due to our copiously shedding dog, we decided on the Dyson DC25. Works well on all floors, lots of power, large receptacle for dust and dog hair, not too heavy and a good long reach. I'm excited to try out the ball it rides on. I'm hoping it's manoeuvrability will mask some of my clunking around.

The vacuum delivery man, Mr. Purolator, is supposed to arrive with this precious package sometime this coming week. I'm very excited. B is excited that I am excited. I'm even more excited since I used the shop-vac on the living room area rug this evening. That was an exercise in patience if there ever was one. Why must the husky shed in the winter?? And why must each hair weave itself into the fibers of the rug? Is it necessary, really?? I digress.

I know you're all as excited as I am for the arrival of our investment, my birthday present, K's future housewarming gift, the dog-shed-containment-system. I'll keep you posted.



Frankie said...

Sorry about your vacuum. I just got a new one a few weeks ago.

Two dogs, two cats: It's not me being hard on the thing, it's the critters.

And we have another puppy coming. lol

I am excited for your arrival! It's fun to get something new (except he spending money part.)

Anonymous said...

And your blog, my dear, is a wonderful example of why I only have two small rooms with carpet and the rest of the house with vinyl/laminate. I can keep a vaccuum for years (being the cautious and infrequent vaccuum goddess I am)...dh thinks they should be able to suck up drywall dust, small screws, toy pieces and wood shavings forever without issue. Therefore, the decision was made to keep things as simple as possible. Even he can't screw up a broom ;-).

Is it bad that I am excited for you, too, though? Are we getting old???

Dorothy said...

Our dyson lasted under two years before needing a great deal of money spent on its repair.

What I really liked in Canada was those central vac things.{vbg}

justjen said...

Best Wishes for your venture into a new era of floor cleaning. I know what you mean by being a little hard on things, but really, why should we have to be so careful with appliance designed by men? Vacuuming is serious business when you have a family of kidlets and pets. The appliance should be able to hold up to whatever emergencies we attend to. I've had great luck with Electrolux, upright and central vac. No, they don't like to pick up odd shaped bits of bark from the wood that gets dragged for burning though. Strange...

jugglingpaynes said...

LOL! I've repaired my vacuum so many times, I know what you are going through. My biggest problem is that between the kids and the cats, there always seems to be string or ribbon on the floor. My vacuum hates string and ribbon. When I inadvertently suck one up, it's a mad race to hit the power button before I kill the belt. I've replaced many belts.

Nothing like the smell of burning rubber when you're vacuuming. :o)

Peace and Laughter,