Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out Vacuuming. Be Back...Later

The Dyson has landed.
It's light. It's powerful. It's quieter than my last vacuum. Its hose reaches a full flight of stairs without having to lift the main unit off the floor. It sucks up things in the general vicinity of the powerbar. Amazing.

I'm busy vacuuming. When I can wrestle the silly thing away from others. I'll be back to blog once the novelty has worn off.

And, of course, I must post the requsite picture of the nasty bits we've been living with for who knows how long. There's less of these now.



Frankie said...



Shannon said...

From a fellow vacuum-killer: have fun with your new toy! lol! I'm saving my pennies to have our central vac repaired...or a Dyson, whichever will cost less! I'm tired of brushing the carpet with the bare floor attachment or overheating my hand vacuum while doing the family room!

P.S. I have over a dozen wine corks I finally found - would you still like them?

Dorothy said...

It is shocking how much stuff it sucks up!

I hope yours lasts longer than ours!

justjen said...

Congrats. May you enjoy many years of fluff-free life with your new workhorse.

jugglingpaynes said...

I suggest you don't wrestle it away from others. It sets a bad precedent. ;o)

It does look pretty snazzy! I'll have to keep it in mind when my 9 year old clunker decides to kick the bucket.

Peace and Laughter!