Monday, January 8, 2007

Alive And Well And Checking In

Hello all!

We are all alive and well after a busy holiday season. The tree is still up with a few things underneath still waiting for homes to be found for them. We are all back into our regular schedules. Today the kids' activities started up again after the Christmas break.

Bit of an update for you: Raiden's scheduled for his kidney scan this week. It's a fairly invasive test and he is not looking forward to it. The test is Thursday. Hopefully we can pull a positive out of the day somewhere along the way. The day after, Friday, he gets to play during the Braves' first period intermission. He's been telling everyone that it's a 'once in a lifetime opportunity'...he's a little excited. Hopefully that will keep him going this week. He's been having lots of headaches and not eating very well due to his tummy pains that are caused by his kidney. It will be very nice to get this treated and fixed.

Kori is looking forward to starting pick-up basketball this week. Swimming lessons start up again as well. She has been writing non-stop throughout December. She finished a story and is working away at others: a few are being typed and others are being written. Once she slows down, we're going to edit the finished story and see where that process takes us. I'm hoping the editing process will be motivation for her to finish one of her longer, more involved stories so I can have it printed and bound as a book for her.

Brian is back to work with a busy workload. Quite a change after the slow and quiet December at his job. I have been able to keep up with the housework and daily chores. We enjoyed a tidy and clutter free holiday. How cool is that?! Now that we have a daily routine down, I'm hoping to sneak in a few regular organizational tasks. Things like calender and menues and lesson planning would be good, I think. I figure by next Christmas, you'll be able to call me Martha.

We have given up fast food. I'm very excited about this and I am so blessed to have a husband who can keep me accountable. We've also cut back on the coffee. Brian has his two coffee breaks at work and I have the odd cappucino at the rink. Otherwise, I'm off the caffine and I am so glad about it!

So, that's it in a nutshell. I'll get some blogging done in the evenings now that we're back into the swing of things. I'm looking forward to sharing some pictures of my kids' first green Christmas. And there are definitely some entertaining Nuk The Dog stories from the holidays. Having a dog is like having a two year old forever. The next big thing will be getting ready for my sister's wedding. Hope all is well with those who pass by my wee blog.

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