Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hello World!!

This chalk drawing was done by Julian Beever. His work is just amazing. There is no hole in the's just chalk. You can Google more or just wait...I'll post another tomorrow.

I just wanted to check in with everyone and let them know that I'm going to try out this eBlogger thing. I think the clincher was the photo editor.

And thanks to those of you who commented and messaged to me over at my other page and to those who went so far as to check in at the even older page. I hope you'll continue checking in.

Love & Laughter,



Kellie Hawker said...

Wow.. 3 blogs now?!?! You're a busy woman! hehe.. hope this one works out.. however I'll follow you where ever you go ;)


OoM :-) said...

Hey there lady! Good to see you. I enjoy your adventures LOL! Tell us what you think of this one...I am on the hunt myself.