Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Weekend So Far

Ok, I missed you all by a day. But I am making up for it by having family tidbits to share.

First, I direct your attention to the beautiful chalk drawing above. (Above?! It's supposed to be on the right!?) Can you believe the detail?

My youngest brother (ok, the youngest of my only two brothers) and his lovely lady breezed into town yesterday evening and graced us with their presence. We took in a local Braves game. My brother so very nicely repaid our hospitality by winning a $10 gift certificate to Ogie's Cafe. I wish I could find a link for you...they make the best chocolate chip cookies EVER.

After a late night, the aforementioned brother arrived bright and early to pick up his PC - that Brian ever so nicely cleaned up for him - and bring us an early morning coffee. And for those of you who have been paying attention, no, I did not have a coffee....I had cappuccino. So there.

After a quiet afternoon at home with the McComb's, I'm just making a late dinner. On the agenda for tonight is a little bit of lesson planning.

Maybe a bit of creative creation i.e.'visual resources'. I'm thinking of making a colourful list to remind the kids about the Scientific Method. Also, a reminder of the different branches of science and how all the areas of our life fit into at least one of the branches: chemistry, meteorology, biology, geology, physics (electromagnetics) and ecology. We've finally finished our unit on Egypt's Old Kingdom and the kids are looking forward to exploring some more history. I squeak in map skills and other geography-ish things into our history. I'm awaiting the arrival of the Saxon Math books. I've received Saxon 3. Now I just need the Saxon 1 Kit and the worksheets for 3. The kids - more than I - are enjoying our daily work on 'lessons'. But hey, if this is what works for them, then that's what we'll do. After all, I've already had my turn at the school thing.

Tomorrow we're scheduled to help at my mom's house with some painting. The kitchen renovation is moving along at a snail's pace. Apparently, there is something ready to be painted, so I will go to help paint. After lunch, we'll be off to a friend's house to see if Brian can revive their computer. I know this family will appreciate his knowledge...he doesn't ever do this sort of thing so it's sort of a big me. I don't think anyone else will notice.

The eBlogger thing seems to be working out so far. You may have noticed that I've moved some of my archives over. I haven't decided what I'm going to do with my pictures yet. I may just keep the myspace page or I may move them over here. I really like the editing features. I have little editing knowledge, but there seem to be lots of buttons and choices that make changes I can see when I play with them. The pages seem to load and save quickly. The ultimate test will be to see if my dear mother in law is able to have the page show up on her screen when I send her the link. That will be the 'Grand Opening'...invitations are in the mail.

iVillage has a chat room. And I think some of you homeschool-ish types should stop over there on Sunday night, 9 - 11 EST to add some flavour to the discussion. I've only popped in a few times since September and it seems that the chat is sparsely attended. I think we should fix that. So, register at iVillage and save the Homeschool page to your favorites. Get the kids into bed and grab your beverage of choice. Maybe I'll see you there.

eta: ok...not sure what's going on with the picture editing...but at least I tried. I see it will take some more effort on my part to get it jsut right. Please bear with me...

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