Friday, February 9, 2007

A Week Ago Today.

It's been a week since our trip to CHEO for Rai's renal scan. The short story is that his kidneys are in much better shape than the Urologist had guessed. He had guessed that his weak kidney was functioning at 8 - 20%. In fact, it seems it is up around 43%. Considering kidneys only function at 50% maximum anyway, this is great news.

So, we will be going back to CHEO in April for more tests. There is something going on - perhaps an intermittent blockage (really tricky to track down, apparently) - and the next round of tests are to rule out a few conditions that could be presenting UPJ Obstruction symptoms.

Our day of testing last Friday was very tough for Raiden. The IV was put in his elbow instead of his hand. The first attempt didn't work so they had to do a second insertion. He was not impressed and nearly everyone on the 6th floor heard about it. After his scan, he was so overstimulated, exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed that he had to sleep for a bit. The nurses were quite concerned as he had not eaten in about 15 hours. He was feeling nauseous and had a killer headache. The nurses ordered some lunch for him. Raiden was so fed up with everything that I ate half his jello, drank half his juice and we left the ward to go and find the Urologist for the test results. There we found out that his awful feelings after the scan were from the Lasix. As soon as he had a rest and some salty pretzels, he was fine.

In the car on the way home he was chatting with me. He says the scan wasn't too bad - now that he had time to think about it and it was over. But it was pretty dreadful (yes, he said 'dreadful') while he was doing it. And he's 'not going to let anyone do another needle in him for at least a whole year. Two needles in one guy is enough for anyone for a whole year, Mom!'

It's really dark at 6am. Who knew?!

Arriving at the Medical Day Unit...and checking out the first of 214 new hockey cards that will (hopefully!) get us through the day.

With our Child Life Specialist 'Leigh' before the 'needle' and after, back in the Play Room.

Under the camera...absolutely still for one whole hour.

Sleeping it off under warm sheets. A very cool feature of the hospital.

An elevator pic for his sister.

Waiting in the Urology Clinic. We should have carried his file down with us!

Good as new now that we're home!
Pizza's salty, right? First meal in 24hrs.

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OoM said...

Glad that is over with (no more glad than Raiden LOL!)! Well, the function sounds good...hopefully the mystery will be solved soon. {HUGS} to you all!