Monday, February 19, 2007

It happened so quickly...I almost didn't notice

Yesterday, the kids went to their friend's house. Both of the kids.

After a short moment of childless panic, I collected myself, called Brian and asked him to join me at the grocery store. It was date-ish. In fact, it was so enjoyable (and we had another half hour to kill before I had to pick up the children) that we continued our childless adventure in Wal-Mart.

We bought glasses. Real ones. Not dollar-store-replacements-so-everyone-has-a-contained-beverage-at-dinner glasses. Lovely, large, heavy, actual matching glasses. So many, in fact, that we can have company!

The glasses look lovely in the cupboard. They fit nicely in the hand. The one twinge of regret that bears mentioning is that the children's colourful plastic plates and bowls - Perfect For Snacks - have been removed to make room.

These plates and bowls came with little colourful plastic glasses and matching utensils. A la Ikea. The kids learned to cut their food with the little plastic knives. The ever-famous, lunch-time favorite 'snack plate' was specifically designed to be served on these little dishes. Over the years, we've passed on the colourful cups. We've passed on the colourful utensils. But I had managed to find uses for the plates and bowls.

The need is great for glasses. Real ones. Brian's mom is going to (laugh) be so impressed. But it means that the little kiddie plates and bowls are going to be passed on so the glasses fit nicely in the cupboard. We can do this. One more goodbye to the carefree days of crayons and Play-Doh, sippy cups and board books, Dora and naps.

Raiden is trying out his dry morning cereal in a 'real' bowl this morning. He reached for the colourful stack of bowls in their usual spot - and froze. Change is hard. He'll try the 'big bowl' this morning and let me know how it goes....


OoM said...

I am envious LOL! We all still use plastic bowls and plates :-P. *sigh* One of my dreams is to someday have matching dinnerware that will shatter if it hits th floor.

Ah, well....I can dream ;-)

Angel said...

I found your blog via my typepad stats page; I'm glad I did! I've enjoyed reading it. (Also, thanks for the link in your blogroll :-) I sure hope your little guy keeps up the good health, and that you find out what's going on!!