Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And Then There Were Two...

My Baby Sister will be married this Saturday. That leaves my two brothers. Wonder what they're waiting for...

The big event...well, it's only 38 people including the kids. Why does everyone say 'including the kids' kids don't usually attend nuptial celebrations? Perhaps it's because you can fit two children on one chair? Or maybe because they don't eat off the regular caterer's menu; instead a special selection of chicken nuggets is prepared sans greens and other unnecessary adornment upon the plate.

We're just about ready to go. Kori's outfit is complete. Brian's suit is freshly cleaned. Tomorrow I'll iron his shirt and pack it all up (note to self: remember socks and shoes). Raiden's outfit is ready except for his tie. He has his uncle scouring St.Catherine's for a Toronto Maple Leaf's or a Pittsburgh Penguin's tie. I'm almost afraid for him to try his shoes on. I bought thin dress socks for him and I'll trim his toe nails to within an inch of his life and we'll jam his feet in and hope for the best. I knew when we bought them (in September) that I should not have mentioned that they would be good for my sister's wedding. He has been adamant about not wanting to wear them 'until the wedding' so as not to ruin them. They had better still fit. Oh, and the boy will have his hair cut tomorrow.

I have a hair appointment on Friday. Cut and colour. Why we woman-creatures feel the need to colour our hair is sometimes beyond me. So, I asked Brian and apparently 'Midnight-Neutral Black' is going to be the colour du jour...month. At the very least, it will match my dress. At best, it'll look hot and it will match my dress. Other than that, I'm pretty much ready to go as well.

And, I've forgotten to call the kennel. And I told Brian about a RC Hobby show in town on Sunday. I don't think we'll be staying too long at the ski hill. Oh, did I forget to mention? Sis and her beloved are getting married in Quebec at a ski resort. I think some tubing is in order.

Congrats Sis. You're getting to be such a grown-up!

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OoM said...

Best wishes to your little sis! Hope the day is beautiful....and that R can get into his shoes!

Enjoy the hair treatment but can't be coloured over...TRUST me.... ;-P