Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Books Came! My Books Came!!

I'm so excited! My books came!

Isn't it great to first, shop and then second, to wait and then finally - the best part - to receive your order?!

I feel a little naughty buying the science encyclopedia for only $30 cdn. However, they've published it in paperback and then they've also reduced the size of the pages by a couple of centimeters. They have not reduced the content, though. It is so full of just everything. No more 'we'll ask Dad 'why?' at dinner tonight' conversations. We can just look it up. AAAaaaannnnnndddd it's internet linked. Which means we can look up what we need to know, and then pop online and find relevant, interesting, kid appropriate websites to help further explain and demonstrate the material. For $30!!! Did I mention that?!

The German pack is beautiful as well. Raiden is convinced the tape is trying to confuse us because they talk so fast. I told him that soon he'll be able to say the German words as fast as the Germans. We'll get basic pronunciation down first. The "cht"s are tripping them up a bit. But we've just started, so I'm not worried. I'm hoping with all the verbal repetition that they won't be so cantankerous when it comes to narrations and reading aloud - both things I try to include in our school work. Apparently they're 'shy' to speak in front of their sibling. But, I digress.

My books arrived! I'm so excited. But I think I mentioned that already.

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