Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Killer Time Change.

This time change is killing me.

First, I rocket out of Raiden's bed today (We like to play musical beds at night sometimes. It's great fun). It was 20 after 7 and noone was up. I woke Brian up, who, quite impressively, was off to work not 10 minutes later. I let the dog out (she's sneezing...like 8 sneezes in a row...is that bad?) and currently have enough adrenaline in my system to fuel a racehorse. The crash is coming. I have tea waiting. I must not go back to bed. Even if the kids are still sleeping.

Yes, lets talk about the children. Pestiferous troublemakers. Irksome tyrants. They landed themselves in bed early last night. That wasn't popular. And now they're sleeping in. And since I'm up before they are, the tv isn't going on this morning. Won't they be surprised? Last night, I prepared a few lessons for them and I have the books all laid out, ready to go. I'm hoping to go out this afternoon and I'd like to try to get our school work in before we go.

Oh. Hear comes the aforementioned crash. Goodness, I seem tired.

I was going to talk about the time change. And how it was pushed up to coincide with the Americans. And how it is designed to be energy saving, you know, the extra hours of daylight and so on. And how there is an extra hour or so in the evenings to drive around and do stuff. And the gas shortage. And doesn't that negate energy savings if we're just using more energy in different ways? But I think I"ll just go with this: Wow. The Spring time change is always the hardest to get used to for us.

In other good news, there's a local homeschool webpage up and running! I'm very excited. There's not really an official area support group as most communities might enjoy. I think many of us moms are very aware that if we start something, it will need managing, running, operating, organizing. Enough of us have been caught up in the '20% of the people doing 80% of the work'. I like having a co-operative principle to run things. If you want it, organize it. That way, we have many minds bringing forward many different ideas. Well, in principle, that's what it means. I think the webpage will really facilitate participation. Many of the area homeschooling families are far flung and don't always use the city as their base of operations. I think the website will be an easy tool for those of us who want to connect. So far, some of us in the area are planning to attend an area conference. There are plans in the works to bring the kids' work to a local book-binder. There's two upcoming Museum programs which always turn out to be a good time. We're expecting another Coffee & Chat next month. I'm looking forward to seeing what else takes off.

Otherwise, life is puttering along. Brother Matt has actually broke the radial bone in his wrist along with two others. That would explain the continued pain. His lovely lady is off to Scotland for a couple of weeks. So his survival is questionable. You can survive on cold food watching basketball on tv while living in pajama pants in between dragging yourself to classes one-handed...right? Anything is possible when you have Tylenol with Codeine. I have great faith in Matt. He'll be fine.

Sister Janie and her lawfully wedded husband should have arrived home in the wee hours of this morning. I'm hoping the kids and I can go and (wake them up) hear about their trip later today.

On the homefront, things are, as I mentioned, puttering along. Not much is new. Hockey is over. Awards and registration for next season is on Monday. Big, stress inducing dental appointment for the kids next Tuesday. Raiden's having some work done, Kori's having a spacer removed. I'm keeping an eye out for summer activities for the kids. Kori's decided not to go to sleep-away camp this year. The dog survived her trip to the kennel and is loving on us again. I'm planning to bring her back there just for a visit in the next few days. I'd like to meet the girl who runs the place (It was her mom when we were there before.) and the kids would like to see the set-up.

So I'm off for the day...math and laundry, perhaps painting and visiting, history and book writing, The Hobbit and some German, dishes and cooking, some picking up around here and maybe some dusting, if I'm lucky. Aak! I hear the upstairs tv! I'm off to ruin some little munchkin's morning!

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Cristina said...

Don't blame me. I think it's funny that we're worried about not using lights for an extra hour when everyone has their computers and televisions running all the time. Of course, I haven't gotten used to a time change since having my third child. I would rather have no time changes, like in Puerto Rico. Frankly, I'd rather BE in Puerto Rico!And how did you manage to get up at 7:20 anyway? :o)
Peace and Laughter,