Monday, March 26, 2007

This Morning...

This morning we opened a new book. Grandma M. and G. sent it up from the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. We opened it slowly, reading the pages before getting to the good part. Then we spent the remainder of the morning watching shuttle launches and landings on You Tube, poking around the NASA site and checking out the look of the International Space Station.

The kids were pretty impressed with the look of the final fold-out pop-up product below. It's definitely a multiple person job to hold the model steady so it doesn't fold in on itself. I'm sure the threat of implosion like that will lessen once we break it in. Raiden informs me that there are two handy-dandy holes in the sturdy cover of the book in order to hang the contraption from the wall. Clever. But then again, we're dealing with rocket science, so I would expect no less.

Thank you Grandma M. and Dr. G!! Thanks for thinking of us while you were away! xoxo

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