Friday, March 30, 2007

The $0.59 Depot

Yesterday evening we were all out and about for one of the kidlet's evening activities. On our way home, we stopped at a local dollar store.

On the way in, I couldn't help but notice the neon green handmade sign written in bright marker complemented with copious amounts of coloured sparkles. It was hanging in the window by way of copious amount of clear packing tape. It advertised everything as 40% off...until March 31. At the dollar store. Actually, it's not even a dollar store. It's the $0.99 Depot. And they're having a sale. In my limited experience, I have never seen such a thing.

We picked up a couple of things. Brown packing paper and bubble wrap for those of you that really have to know. Oh, and some thread for the sewing bag. So three items came to $2.02. At the dollar store. That's $0.59 x 3 x 14%tax.

Over the course of the evening I began to think about this. They had lined paper and birthday cards there. And binders. I'm sure they had other useful things there as well. I was particularly thinking about the things I could stock up on for the school shelf. Like pencils. And stickers. I like stickers. And fancy scrapbook papers. Paintbrushes and tennis balls. All at $0.59 a piece. Modelling clay. Tracing paper. Yarn. Tape. Index cards, hot glue sticks, gift bags and balloons.

So these thoughts were tickling my brain all evening. I mentioned it to Brian. We should really stock up on the things we use. I'm usually not But I somehow can't but help the little urgings I'm feeling after reading the '40% off Until March 31' sign. It'd be a shame to miss the deals only to have to go out and spend an entire dollar on something I could have had a deal on. What if the store is closing and the poor shop owner is stuck with unsaleable merchandise. After all, if the store is closing, they have probably already lost money on their business venture. It would be a shame to have them lose more on items that I might find useful.

Oh, the things I get excited about. So, the kids and I are off to the...$0.59 sale. <sigh> There will have to be a short preliminary briefing before we depart so as to incorporate some math concepts into our venture. I knew this could be educational.

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