Monday, April 2, 2007

A Bit About My Weekend.

It is so nice to see the weather taking a turn toward Spring.

My Provider-Problem-Solver-Rescuer-From-Bugs-and-Noises-Who-Doesn't-Back-Down-In-The-Face-Of-Constant-Female-Persuasion was a Man With A Mission this weekend. The front and back yards are tidied and ready for the nice weather. The BBQ is still away as I had seen mention of a brief lapse-to-snow in the weather later this week while reading the Weather Network. Our taxes are done and filed. I am feeling happy and loved. We capped off the weekend by sitting through a long, convoluted chick-flick that ended weakly. The kind of movie that you say, "oh, this should pick up soon...any minute now...surely just after this part we'll see some action...". Surprisingly, it never did and even more surprisingly, Brian did not complain or fall asleep. Now, if that's not a genuine reflection of his love, I don't know what is.

Friday evening we took the kids to see the Science Fair projects at the Mall. We took some pics so we can talk about them later. We've been talking about the Scientific Method and they were pretty impressed to be able to pick out the various steps we'd been discussing in most of the projects displayed. They were also pleased to see the models and experiments. I was surprised to see the kind of things they were each drawn to. It was fun to watch them.

The kids had their library program on Saturday. Brian and I had the hour to ourselves. That's still a novelty for me. We spent the remainder of the day at home working away at various things. I made cupcakes for my sister's birthday breakfast on Sunday. The kids lay around, played hockey in the house, read, drew, watched too much TV. Rai fell asleep watching the hockey game.

Sunday morning we took the cupcakes out to the farm and we ate breakfast in mom's semi-finished kitchen. Most of the cabinetry is in. There is still much discussion to be had before the counter top is ordered. It seems my parents have given up on those tiny squares of counter top samples and have moved on to Korean Saki stoneware jars. There is a Saki jar in a red tone that matches the wood ceiling and floor. There is another in a cream tone that matches the finish on the cabinets. I am staying out of any further discussion.

I'm getting excited about the Conference coming up. For the first time in my homeschooling conference career, I'll be attending with some people I know. Registration is mailed out today and I can spend the next couple of weeks filling up my car with other excited ladies. We're all really looking forward to the vendor fair.

On tap for this week: Schoolwork, schoolwork, schoolwork. We have lots of reading to do. We are going to keep on our enjoyable math schedule (4 days a week and we squeak in 4 - 6 lessons in that time). I'm going to try for a daily read in our Story Of The World. We've been hanging on to this Volume One for far too long. Kori's April project is to have her book ready for binding. I'm sure that will be a blog in itself by the time it's finished. I need to find Raiden a project because his current pursuit of Mini-Sticks-In-The-Kitchen is getting really, really, really old.

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rasputin said...

I enjoyed the RVHEA conference too! There are recordings available if you missed the 2008 conference.