Thursday, April 26, 2007

Yesterday Started Badly

I was going to post a picture, but decided against that. The dog decided to take advantage of a quiet house and she emptied the garbage yesterday morning. Not only did she knock over a tied bag of garbage - which was in the garbage pail - but she lay down, stuck her head inside and proceeded to dig out the garbage in the bottom of the bag. Bad dog.

Yesterday was supposed to be our Library Day, but Brian's work schedule changed making car-logistics challenging. We just stayed home. We got to some of our new books. Raiden was happy to start his new printing book. We got through half a page and stopped. We also did some Science brainstorming and started a homemade stick-book to collect our ideas in. Raiden helped to paint the cover - a safer task for the reluctant writer, yet still utilizing those fine motor skills...sometimes I'm just so clever - and Kori will do some writing in it today. Pics to follow upon completion. Both kids caught up on some math pages. We're also finishing up some Silver Birch books together.

Today we'll head out to the Library and we'll do some errands as well. I need to add in some school work or we'll lose our momentum. So, although brief and undecorated with pictures or links, I am taking my leave this morning. I will point you over to Doc's - button in the side bar - for some interesting reading.

Just before I go a homeschooling message board I frequent, the question of Creation vs. Evolution was raised earlier this week. And then suddenly, I bump into further references to the same thing over at Doc's. Silly me, I follow a few links and crash into a mountain of reading. I've bookmarked it. I expect I'll be reading it over the next little bit. I've always had my own beliefs (Christian believing in evolution; there...I said it nearly outloud) but I've generally kept my mouth shut in most conversations. It's funny how with just a click of the mouse, I ran into a whole pile of reading that supports what I've been thinking. I'm so easily amused.


Cristina said...

You know, you just sent me off on a major tangent when I should have been spending time working on next week's strips!
Most Catholics I know are OK with evolution. I think it's because of that whole fiasco with Galileo.:o)

I've had to curb our library book borrowing lately. They've been changing their computer system and I'm afraid of getting charged late fees for material I've returned. When you take out 30 books and audio visual material per week that can run into some money.

Peace and Laughter,

Brian said...

Amen! Some money indeed! ;)

- Brian
Husband of Bonni

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

Bonni, you are the winner of my book giveaway! :)

jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Bonni,
I just finished moving stuff into the new blog!You can take a look at it now. HSB only crashed once, so it only took half a day! That's about how long it took me to clear out the closets from our last apartment! Who knew you could stuff that much in a closet?
Brian's a funny guy! I just saw his response to my comment!
Peace and Laughter,