Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday

I'm on borrowed time this morning. Math, SOTW and German are calling. Well, at least they're calling me. One kidlet is called by her cartooning and the other kidlet is replaying last night's Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh game in the kitchen with his mini-sticks.

However, there is a good story brewing. I've got to tell you about the Easter Egg Hunt sometime. I hadn't thought how significant my childhood Easter egg hunt was until I realized that it might not happen this year. You have to understand...the Easter Egg Hunt is an institution. We used to go to church with my parents when I was a kid. Then we just went at Christmas and Easter. Then not really at all. But there was always the Easter Egg Hunt. What is life without 4+ athletically strong and growing bodies crashing around a small living room at top speed, no holds barred, trying to get the most chocolate eggs?? The more I think of this, the more of an issue not having a hunt this year is going to be.

In other news, be careful what you wish for. I know this. I once asked for focus and direction in my life and Kori happened. But get this: Doc has left a button! I admit, I'm a little excited. I added it to my sidebar...but not so high up that my star-struck-ed-ness is too in-your-face. I never got the 'star-struck' thing. I never had boy-band posters hanging in my room. I never wrote fan letters. I do find Doc a little special, though. So for that reason, I'll try out the button for a while and see how it goes.

We're off for some socializing this afternoon. Not sure how that happened. We're not really the socializing kind. But this time, the kids were invited and the host is Brian's co-worker. So we figured we'll go and have a drink. I'm having one for Doc - just because she's a good sport.


Cristina said...

Hope you are enjoying the Holy Days. I know what you mean about Easter egg hunts. It tends to be the highlight of the morning. Last year, the Easter bunny was particularly ambitious and left pieces of a message in various hidden eggs. When the message was assembled, it contained riddles to help the kids find their baskets.

BTW, just when I thought I could sit back and make fun of the awards show, I got nominated for funniest blog! Please don't hold it against me!
Peace and Laughter,

oom said... me naive or blind...but I don't get the Doc thing. Duh :-P

Have a great holiday!

Bonni said...

Hey there oom,

Doc is a homeschooling mom, very edgy, incredibly clever, funny and to the point. Imo, anyway. The link to her blog is in my sidebar. I love reading her blog...and she put me on to the Pioneer Woman. I've run into references to her all over the blogging world, so I figure she must a) piss a lot of people off and b) know what she's talking about to be so widespread. I thought it was pretty neat that she ran across my little patch of the blogosphere and took the time to comment. Of course, I am easily amused and I'm really the fat,naked TP Troll isolated from society by my all the Doc jazz could be a figment of my never know...

Tracey said...

I can totally relate to the Easter Egg Hunt! My great grandmother always held a hunt, and I swear a hundred kids would show up. Okay, maybe not that many. Anyway, I've taken up the tradition of egg hunts, but last year (and this) we didn't hold it due to outside circumstances. Plus, all the kids in the family are growing up...but hey, maybe next year we'll both do it again, eh?