Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Helicopters in the Sidebar

Just a quick note today as Wednesdays are my 'out' day. Errands and Library.

This means I try to accomplish some things in the morning. 'Having the house and it's inhabitants looking presentable and some school work done' would be nice - it's the goal. However, I usually only accomplish 'Everybody dressed, books collected and Brian's lunch ready' by the time we have to leave. It's always nice to strive for something.

Today I'm striving for an added perk. Since an award for 'Best Homeschooling Blog' didn't seem to be in order, I decided to shoot for 'Meanest Mom' by removing screen privileges from the children. I'll let you know how it goes.

You may notice the little addition to the sidebar. What a fancy little feature we can now use to further clutter our blogs!! Add a bunch of video, why not! I figured I'd try it out and see how it works. I should put a plug in for the videos. Brian has been learning to fly little helicopters. I think I'm supposed to call them RC Heli's or something more manly than what usually pops out of my mouth. He's made a few videos of his fights and posted them on You Tube. It seems he's also proven that it is possible to fly throughout the winter, contrary to popular opinion. Not knowing what other videos I would get from the search engine, and not wanting to be suddenly surprised with questionable content, I decided to just enter Bri's user name into the search box of videos that will be displayed.

That's all folks. I'm off to become even more popular by dragging the girl-child from her bed. Then I will jump-start our day and make up for our slovenliness of yesterday with a double dose of chores and schoolwork...ok, hopefully we will get to our reading. And apparently I have to rescue Raiden's baby RC helicopter from behind the school shelf. Yes, not only does he play hockey in the house, he flies helicopters in here too. With so much to do, I wonder why they're upset I turned the screens off??

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