Monday, April 16, 2007

Yup, It's Monday.

We woke up this morning to Brian's work phone. Co-Worker won't be coming in today. In an office of 3, that's something you want to know about in the morning. Brian checks the weather from the window. He mentions something about it having snowed.

Now, the weather around here lately had been odd. Flurries have been happening for the last couple of weeks. Flurries kinda mixed in at times with rain. It's wet and muddy. You could call it a cold Spring. I pay no attention to his comment and begin thinking about how long I can stay in bed without feeling guilty.

Brian calls from the shower. Normally, I don't bother him in the shower. I figure there must be a towel shortage or some other laundry emergency. Nope, the power's out. Happy Monday to us. Since I'm up now, I figure I'll go make tea and get started on the day. I pass the front door on the way to the kitchen and nearly fall over.

It seems when Brian says 'it snowed', he means 'let's go sledding'.

I nix the tea idea and go outside to clear off the car. After all, the poor guy had to shower in the dark. There's a lot of snow. And it's heavy.

The poor little birds are crying. Their tree is in sorry shape for the Springtime mating rituals we've been watching recently.

There's a foot and a half of snow at the front of the car because apparently, it's also slippery snow and it has slid off the car to pile there. I dig out the licence plate.

My husband hands me the dog who is overjoyed to see snow again. It's still snowing quite heavily. And it's wet. My hair is soaking. I'm in my pyjamas. And then he takes a picture.

Can Monday get any better than this??! Yes, those are my pink pyjama pants. Flannel is sexy. Really.

In other news, Rai is good. We had a good day at CHEO. We have determined it is only his left kidney that is effected by some sort of blockage. Noone seems to be able to find it, but they suspect it's still there. So we're going to stop his antibiotics and see what happens. Either the blockage has happened in the past and has done it's damage and then cleared itself and we won't see any further problems (unlikely) or he'll have another 'episode' which we will do our best to catch on ultrasound. I am looking forward to getting the poor kid off his meds which are causing every side effect in the book. Hopefully I can get him cleaned out before any more problems crop up.

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Cristina said...

I don't understand. I thought Canadians were used to snow in April. ;o)
We've had record-breaking rain here. For the first time since we moved here our basement flooded.
I set up a "Name My Blog" poll on my site. Be sure to come cast a vote!

Peace and Laughter,