Friday, April 20, 2007

A Short Ramble

Just a quick note this morning.

Tomorrow is my conference so today was supposed to be my tidy-up and get-ready-to-go day. Three of us will be travelling together. I have to pick up my friend at 6:15. AM. That's in the morning. Last time I was up and out at that hour, it was February. I wonder if tomorrow will be as dark as it was then.

My mom called last night with some fairly earth shattering work related news. So I'm mashing as much of the tidy-up and get-ready-to-go into this morning. The kids and I will pack a lunch and a movie and then head over to 'the shop' so I can help mom and dad.

Usually as the weekend approaches, we're winding down. This weekend, I'm ramping up for a busy couple of days. Hopefully when I check in again, I'll be highly motivated and encouraged and reaffirmed with our homeschooling journey. At the very least, I should have some pretty new books to use!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys some nice weather.

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