Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back-To-School Thoughts

I was thinking about how much I hate the Back-To-School pressure. You know, the kind you find when you walk in to your local retail store and you are bombarded with 'essential' school supplies immediately as you walk through the door. The racks and baskets and shelves and bins full of individually-packaged-with-bonus-eraser items and piles of colourfully displayed paper holding systems that always look better on the shelf than in your home.

It's pressure that says you need to be preparing. You have to be ready. You simply must not fall behind. Everybody is doing it. I'm so gullible.

This week I am feeling a wee bit of triumph. This year I did it on my own schedule. I ordered our books 'late'. I organized our schedule 'late'. I have not yet shopped for seasonal clothes for the kids. I have not yet filled our calendar with extra-curricular commitments. And that's all ok.


Dorothy said...

Bonni, it's GOOD that that's all okay with you. Who cares when and where, really.

But can I just admit to loving buying those new materials?{lol!}

Anonymous said...

Wait....I am supposed to be *prepared*????

Honestly, it's all too commercial. They don't use (or don't know HOW to use) half that stuff anyhow LOL!

Nice to see you back. :-)

justjen said...

Congratulations! Given the opportunity to wait and think and plan usually allows us the time to realise we don't need much in the first place!

spadamchrist said...

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