Thursday, September 25, 2008

Checking In...

I've been so focused on staying on schedule that I've not been doing anything else. No knitting, no creating, nothing.

I suppose I'll be posting some 'A Day In The Life' because I have nothing else of interest to blog about.

Let's Recap September:

  • Sept. 1 - Family BBQ at Chuck's new house.
  • Sept. 2 - Officially 'Back to Homeschool'
  • Sept. 3 - Kids to RCMP Musical Ride with Uncle B and Aunt K. Some School books arrive.
  • Sept. 6 - Birthday dinner for Grandpa at my parents'.
  • Sept. 7 - Homeschooler's Family Picnic
  • Sept. 8 - CHEO
  • Sept.10 - CHEO again. Green Light for R on all fronts. Register for Indoor Soccer Leagues.
  • Sept.11 - First Hockey practice for R.
  • Sept.13 - Community 'Treasure' Hunt. Cleared out some basement clutter.
  • Sept.15 - Daytime skating starts. Price went up 300%. Yikes.
  • Sept.18 - Hockey again. Coffee & Chat at local coffee house with homeschool moms.
  • Sept.20 - Dog to the Kennel. We're off on a late season camping trip with B's boss' family.
  • Sept.21 - Home Again. Packed a lot of fun stuff into an overnight trip.
  • Sept.22 - Treats after skating with friends.
  • Sept.23 - Grandma M. visits from MD, USA.
  • Sept.24 - Belatedly begin our weekly library visits.
  • Sept.25 - Belatedly take R for a haircut. Why are 2 dinners required on hockey nights??
  • Sept.26 - Dentist appointments (and a convenient excuse to go shopping) in the big city. Family dinner with family friends. Wine, good company and dessert. Awesome.
  • Sept.27 - K's grandparents visit. R off to a friend's birthday party.
  • Sept.29 - Interview potential French teacher.

Everything school-wise is on the anticipated track. R's math hasn't arrived yet. The kids are doing Science, History, Vocab and French more or less together. K is doing two math lessons a day, WriteShop and is working on improving her handwriting. R is doing some printing every day (under duress), some math practice here and there and his reading is really taking off. He even read a joke from the Reader's Digest to me today. Out loud.

I've organized the first of our monthly field trips. I've tracked down a potential French teacher. Now I just have to find a location to hold our French gatherings.

September's momentum is holding for now. I'm fairly impressed.

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