Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What I Didn't Do On My Summer Vacation

Didn't get around to organizing the shelf, folks.
And here it is in all it's messy splendor. Of course, I snapped this pic about half an hour into the sorting process.
If you look closely, you can even see the little sticky-notes I put up to help the sorting process along. Helpful little do-dads, those sticky-notes.
After I had sorted, I re-homed.
After I re-homed, I filed and stored.
After I filed and stored, I recycled.
After I recycled, I started on some lesson planning.
And that's where I am now. Lesson planning with sticky-notes. Handy little do-hickers those sticky-notes.

1 comment:

Frankie said...

Gotta love those sticky notes!

We were going to reorganize our school room the first day of school and didn't. Your picture would be our goal at this point! lol

I think you've inspired me to add a home ec class tomorrow and make a dent on our school room!

I'll get my stick notes ready. =)