Thursday, November 27, 2008

Snow Day

The kids spent a couple of hours out in the snow again this morning.

I used the time to tidy up and get to some long overdue planning and organization on the homeschooling front. I was in the middle of sweeping up the neverending dog hair when R came to the door. I figured he needed his mitts tucked in again. Or maybe a shovel (some of which are still in the basement). Silly me for thinking of such an obvious thing...

R: Mom, can you pass me the magnifying glass please!

Me: You need a magnifying glass out there?!

R: Yes. I'd like to look carefully at the snow.

Me: Okaaay. (Is the sun really bright enough for him to set fire to anything?) Really? You need to look carefully at the snow?

R: Well, yeah...and I want to see if I can burn a belly button into Marcus. But first I'll look at the snow.

Me: Here you go. Make sure you bring it in with you.

Now, for those who are interested, 'Marcus' is the snowman they built yesterday. And no, although R lay in the snow for longer than I've seen him sleep without moving, there was not any sunshine to help him in his endeavour.

After the snow activities in the backyard were exhausted, the fun continued in the frontyard. Why didn't I think of this stuff when I was a kid?


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