Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Checking In...

This week is a short week. Monday was a holiday and Summer Fridays are now Family days.

Big plans this weekend: my lovely mother-in-law and her wonderful husband will be visiting on Friday. Brian and I will be BBQing for 10+ people, depending on how many of his family decide to join us. I'm excited to fire up the third burner on the BBQ. Not that we haven't used the third burner before, but that's a lot of grill space and we haven't truly needed all three burners going.

Yesterday, the Headache From Hell decended upon my head and ate up all my happy thoughts. Once Brian got home from work, we ran a few errands and then I went to bed. I'm better this morning, don't send reinforcements. I'm happy to say that yesterday wasn't a total write-off. We accomplished some school work. We began Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on audio-book. The kids worked on a project from the school shelf. We fit in a walk/bike ride. We made it to the library to pick up Reading Club packages for the kidlets.

Today we'll do some school work, we'll get outside and we'll continue with our tidying up. Our wee little house will be crowded this weekend, so I'd like to get anything and everything put away so there is room for extra chairs and such. The kids are going to help plan and prepare a selection of desserts for our BBQ.

So I'm off to wrangle the kids and get going on our day. I'll check in again this weekend. Have a great week!

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jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Bonni, I'm back!
Sorry to hear about your headache. I get migraines too. Have you ever tried peppermint tea? Sometimes it's the only thing that will help me.
Hope your family visit is going well. We had a great time with my hubby's cousin and family. Probably the first time I have had to hold back in conversation with in-laws. ;o)
Peace and Laughter,