Monday, July 16, 2007

Island GetAway

After meticulous planning, careful packing and correctly aligned stars, Brian and I were able to get away sans les enfants for 28 hours. We attended a small gathering of 4 couples, ourselves included. The common factor would be that the guys all work together.

This is our woodsy island getaway:

There was food, friends and fun:

This, I'm not so sure what this was....

Brian and I were able to go off and do some fishing in the paddle boat before the rain and wind started. This pic I snapped because I knew the kids wouldn't care about the scenery. They're all about the mechanics:

After a very cozy sleep in the cottage, Brian got right to making me breakfast. Bacon and eggs on the 'Q:

Here I am sitting on an Adirondack chair enjoying the quietness of doing nothing. You can see Oliver, drying off as it was nearly time to head out:

I snapped a few interesting pics around the island as Brian and I searched out different place to fish. I didn't bring the camera with the zoom/macro features so there aren't any pretty close-ups. And, after the Dock Spider Encounter (Brian may let me tell that story in a few years) I'm kind of glad I didn't. I wish I knew what to do with drift wood or Birch as there were many interesting pieces of them all over the island:

There was a little rain, a little sun and good company all around. Perhaps if the stars are lined up again next year, we'll attend again.


jugglingpaynes said...

We have an archaeologist friend who specializes in native American studies. She used birch bark to line a small shelter and she also used it as wallpaper on a wall of our Nature Center. FYI. It made very cool wallpaper.
Love Brian's sweatshirt, BTW.
Peace and Laughter,

oom said...

Looks nice and relaxing! Glad you guys got some time away.

Say...what was it your mil brought you, anyhow? A flannel nightie ;-)? Curious minds want to know... LOL!