Thursday, October 25, 2007

Family Time

We went for a little drive the other night. It included coffee. While in the drive-thru line-up, the kids saw an advertisement for Reflective Hallowe'en Trick or Treat Bags - Free!

Kori lit up like a Christmas tree and says, "Raiden, take off your hood and look really cute - maybe we'll get a free bag!"

It was pretty funny. She said it in jest, as she knows the days of having gifts bestowed upon her in recognition of her personal Cute Factor are long gone.

We did talk about how such a thing was unnecessary as they both have their own quilted Hallowe'en bags. If we take these free bags simply because they're there - it's a waste. That being said, at the time I didn't consider the idling time, the paper cup and the plastic lid. I still have a ways to go to shrink my footprint, don't I?

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