Thursday, October 4, 2007

Warm Fuzzies and Clean Cupboards

I accidentally clicked on my stat counter this evening. It appears that even though I have not blessed you all with recent updates of my life and happenings, you have still been checking in. Thanks for the warm fuzzies, folks, as inadvertent as they were, I'm sure. So, here I am, yet again, gracing you with my virtual presence. Not sure which direction this is going to go. Bear with me.

Life is moving in fast-forward. Schoolwork is a write-off this week. But that's ok. I'm rolling with it. Nothing will be accomplished by fitting 6 days of The Schedule into one. I know this and I'm trying to roll with it. Did I mention that I'm tying to roll with it?

A wonderful day last week: We invited friends over for lunch and a visit. It was a great time. J1 is 11 and he and Raiden are like two peas in a pod. Sport nuts all around. If they're not playing something, they're watching a game or sorting out their hockey cards. The had a fun time playing mini stick hockey in the bedroom and Harry Potter SceneIt. J2 is 8 and he and Kori are very much alike. They like their space. They draw together - yet apart. They take turns with the Playmobil. They don't speak much; they do their own thing. But after our friends leave, Kori is always so glad that she and J2 were able to spend the afternoon together. Kori and Rai chose the lunch menu according to what they thought their friends would like most (sandwiches, fruit and dip, chicken nuggets and jello). They both were up early and spent considerable time helping each other tidy up their rooms. It was a good day.

This week we were in Ottawa on Monday. Raiden had his follow up ultrasound at CHEO. Kori came with us this time and wound up with a better appreciation of the goings on of a day at CHEO. Both kids were mentally wiped by the end of the day. For those who are wondering, there is no change in Rai's left kidney. The Urologist was a little more insistent and suggestive about solving the problem (intermittent UPJ Obstruction) rather than trying to catch it by ultrasound mid-episode. He agreed to one more 6 month period of observation or waiting until Raiden has an episode before we discuss corrective surgery (aak! I almost said it out loud!). Looking forward to that. I think Brian needs to come to the next appointment with us. Oh, and we found the cafeteria this trip.

Tuesday I distracted myself in the kitchen. I moved my new dishes in and did a Spring Clean of the cupboards. My efforts then spread to the pantry, fridge, under-sink cabinet, microwave stand, drawers and recipe book collection. That resulted in a trip to Goodwill to drop off the cast-offs and the grocery store to restock.

Wednesday my wonderful Mother-In-Law and her marvelous husband came to visit. They took the kids and I to lunch, shopping and then we came home in time to meet Brian who had left work early. We hung out 'till dinnertime when Brian's brother's family joined us. It was a full house but a great visit. My in-laws are so generous; they spoil us silly. I am really looking forward to our Christmas visit with them. Wait...that sounds wrong. You know what I mean, right?

And that brings us to today. I am so proud of my kids. Kori started indoor soccer tonight. It's her first foray into organized, team sports. She is the youngest (2 months to 10) in a group aged 10 - 12. She confidently told her coach she had never played before, confidently took up her position as assigned, tried hard, supported her team mates and finished off the evening in a good mood. I don't know what I was worried about. I am so happy I didn't 'force' her to play something earlier. For the whole practice/scrimmage, Raiden surfed Kori's bench and gave her pointers. He clapped at the right times and restrained himself enough so as not to interfere in the game or on the bench. Kori ended up with a couple of jammed fingers before the half. If anyone had asked me before the game, I would have told you that Kori would refuse to play out the game; she'd want to go home. Au contraire! She took a quick break and played out the rest of the game. She had such a good time and I'm so proud of her for dealing with so many things that used to set her off. I never would have thought her up to playing a new sport in a gym, with the lights and acoustics she used to adamantly refuse to endure, in front of bleachers full of peers and parents, in a too hot space, with hurting fingers and with her little brother hovering and giving 'pointers'. Good on her.

And now you're all caught up. I'm having all these philosophical thoughts lately, however I am too restless to impart my wonderings for all to read. Instead, I will add some eye candy. Here we have an organized cupboard:

Doesn't it make you feel all contented and ready to take on the world? You know it does. Try it. Go do your kitchen cupboard. I'll be watching for your pictures.


oom said...

Nice to see you :-)

Kudos to K!! Sometimes, they can surprise us. I guess we forget they are still growing and changing - it is hard to remember (at least, I find it is!) they are won't be this little child forever, with the fears and phobias that drive us to distraction. Thank goodness LOL!

I really like your dishes. Your cupboard has a homey, yet colorful, look. Though I hope our cupboards don't speak as the state of our minds (sorry!) or I am totally messed....

Glad you had such a great visit with the in-laws. Isn't it wonderful when you actually *like* your spouses family!? LOL!

jugglingpaynes said...

Hi Bonni,
Thanks for the update. It sounds like you've had your plate full. Luckily, you have a nice place to keep it after you finish.;o) I'm glad Kori had a chance to see what her brother goes through. My siblings were never along on my numerous doctor visits and emergency room trips as a kid, and they always were jealous that I got to stay home from school and have extra Mom time.

And share your philosophical thoughts, please! You know that I love hearing them!

Peace and Laughter,

Romany said...

Cupboard looks wonderful! {g}

I felt for you over your trip to the hospital with children. Grace has had many of those over the years and it *is* so draining. I hope that surgery isn't necessary.