Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Whole Week...

A whole week! Where does it go?! I don't even know where to start...and that's assuming that people are even remotely interested in what we've been up to.

We've had some house things come up. I've been dealing with our building manager (we rent, for those that are wondering) and a neighbour situation. I even have a letter brewing for the company that owns our property. I'll share all the gory, horrid details when it is appropriate to do so.

Brian and I are noticing that we're very tired this last week or so. The reason I mention it is because this is the time of year that we are used to a time change. Not the good one where you gain an hour of sleep either. I thought I always had such a hard time with the Fall time change. That 'Fall Back' an hour is pretty brutal. I usually blame the time change for my lethargy, my lack of motivation due to lack of sleep, my over-sensitivity to the general gloominess of the weather. I am discovering that it may just be the time of year and not the time change at all. I'll have to see how I feel once the time actually changes - later on in November when our neighbours to the south do their time change.

School work plods on. I think we are cresting the children's resistance curve. I'm almost scared to mention it. The last day or so, I've definitely seen a lack of Let's Push Mom's Buttons. Not that it comes up too often, however, it does come up. And I find it discouraging. When the kids and I sat down and we planned out our approach to this year, I knew that what they were asking for (I want to do grade 5 stuff, mom, like, with paperwork and maps and handwriting practice and stuff) might be a bit of a shock to them. But, they agreed that they would do the work, that they wanted to be reminded of our plan and they wanted to stick with it before throwing in the towel. With regular work, Kori is becoming more confident with the idea of math. We've passed the 'I hate math.' She is actually asking for clarification of questions now instead of refusing to finish a lesson. Progress. Raiden is coming around to the idea that he can, in fact, spell. I'm not sure where he got the idea that he couldn't....actually, that's a lie. He's finding it hard to learn alongside his sister who could read, write, spell at a very young age. Perceptive little guy, he is.

So...what say I try to blog a little more? Doing so will make me explore the point I'm trying to get across. Is there a point? I'll find one. Or four. Please email me if there's a point you'd like me to make....or if I start too many blog posts with 'Not much is new...'. That would be tiresome.

I'll close with an infrequent snapshot of myself (thanks, Bri). Aren't I looking lovely? What is it that makes me turn from the camera? I didn't even do it on purpose. I could make an album of pics of me, turned away or half-looking at the camera. It's odd. In this particular shot, it was Raiden, I believe, needing something requiring my attention somewhere other than in front of the camera.

Have a good rest of the week...let me know if anything exciting is happening.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Exciting? I want brain dead, mundane, boring. My plate has been so full lately, I've been financially supporting two libraries on the late fees. You would think I would know better than to take out so many books when we hardly have time for school subjects...

Have you finished Deathly Hallows yet?
Peace and Laughter,