Sunday, July 13, 2008

Belated Birthday

For various reasons, R's birthday party was delayed. We were barely* able to make it to the once-postponed party on Saturday and it was a great time.

The pool was enjoyed for quite a long time.

There were snacks and good company. And it didn't even matter that we were an hour or so late!

Grandma has once again outdone herself by making a very special birthday cake. The soccer ball on R's cake is modelled after one of his own.

R took the plunge and cut the first piece. I don't think he's done that before.

And again, he was spoiled by very generous extended family members. Cousins S and N were there with their mom, Aunt R, and dad, Uncle K.

As a special surprise, Uncle G came for the day. Uncle G has been off at school the last few years and more recently, has continued working in his new found home-town. Uncle G is so much fun that it's hard to get a pic of him standing still.

Driving home was a treat. There were heavy rains that put visibility at about 50 meters. It made for a late evening, but all in all, a very worthwhile day. Days like this always make me so thankful that we are blessed with our extended family - however serendipitously they may have arrived in our lives.

* - car broke down at the gas station as we were leaving town. Trip delayed by only 60 minutes. Not bad for Saturday afternoon automotive lack-of-service in this small town.

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jugglingpaynes said...

Grandma makes an impressive cake! Happy Birthday R!

Peace and Laughter,