Friday, July 11, 2008

BYOB - from Knitty: Summer 2008

Before leaving for Vegas, I had started this pattern from Knitty.

I've completed the first bag and have moved on to working the second.

I'm thinking his & hers for the happy newlyweds.

I was surprised at how big the bag knitted up to be! The two bags will definitely hold a grocery-shop-for-two. The book I have in there loosely holding up the bag is a large atlas, 10.5" x 14".

The seed stitch is easy, although with 165 sts around, it's a bit time consuming. Shortly after starting, however, it's easy to do it with infrequent glances at the needles.

The middle lace panel is very easy. I was a little paranoid as a mistake in this section would be very noticeable. It's done on larger needles so goes pretty quickly.

The striping was also not too daunting for an amateur knitter like myself. I don't know how to change colours, but the colour change row is a 'knit 1 green, purl 1 blue' pattern. Funny enough, I think that's changing colours and I pulled it off.

The handles are a little finicky, but the pattern takes you through it one step at a time. I had to fool with getting them set up on their stitch holders properly in order to knit them in place correctly, but it worked out with only minimal cursing. I didn't even have to look for online help.

Hopefully the bags are well received. Do you suppose it would be a good idea to fill them with some special grocery-type things, or just give them as is?


Penelope said...

Those bags are lovely, Bonni! I'm strictly a knit/purl square block dishcloth knitter, so I'm in awe!

And I think I'd give them as is :)

Anonymous said...


My knitting is miserable so you are holding me in awe ;-)!

Like the new blogger look, btw. Good pic!

Dorothy said...

Those look great!

I just don't have the patience for following patterns these days.