Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pre-Assessment Before Surgery

R's surgery is scheduled for the 17th. Today we met with the Pre-Assessment Clinic to make sure he's good-to-go. We met a nice anesthesiologist whose Irish accent rivalled my Brother M's Irish accent. (<-- You know there's a good story there...) Last week, at R's request, I called to ask what a Pre-Assessment Clinic Appointment would entail. In particular, I was to ascertain how many needles and how much it would hurt.


Even though I promised there would be no needles and that nothing would hurt, the poor boy was up half the night and had anxious stomach pains until 10:20am when the nurse confirmed that, really, there would be no needles. It was clear sailing after that.

The anesthesiologist assured me there would be no pentathol used during the course of R's surgery. (Pentathol having caused a number of my family members to test a surgery team's resuscitation skills.) Apparently R looks like an easy patient. His thinness is helpful. He's healthy other than this pesky kidney problem.

Surgery looks to be a 3 to 4 hour affair with a little time spent in recovery - where he may or may not have a popsicle - before being moved to his ward for the next 4ish days.

Here's what we expect: Upon arrival, a wee bit of sedative to take the edge off. Some Emla, perhaps. Once in the operating room with mom, R will breath from the mask until asleep. That's my cue to depart. Any 'needles' and tubes will be inserted - an I.V. and catheter for sure. Pyeloplasty to treat the UPJ, then a stent, drain and epidural before he wakes up.

After 2ish days, the epidural and catheter are removed. We will remain another day or so to get a handle on pain management. I expect there will be some time in there for me to argue with the nurses about his eating (or lack thereof) habits.

B will be in and out and K will be juggled amongst various family members and a good friend. Nuk will be at the kennel. (Sally, I'd link your website, but you don't seem to have one yet!!) Just because it will give me something to do, (other than fussing over the boy when my fussing is useless cpmpared to nurse-fussing) I'll try to get updates on the blog here for family, blog friends and other voyeuristic insatiables. That way, noone has to trek to CHEO to see a sedated, really pissed off, post-op R.

R feels much better about his surgery now that he knows the 'needles' can be done after he's asleep. The aftermath of recovery is very foreign to him, so he's not feeling too anxious about that at this time. He is sad to miss the end of soccer season and he's looking forward to eating pizza from the hospital cafe.


jugglingpaynes said...

I will be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I know everything will be OK.

I will also hope that hospital cafe pizza tastes better than it did when I was a kid. :oP

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad you are coming back to blogging. Don't feel a need to catch us up, just jump in where you are. It's the easiest way.

Peace and Laughter and Prayers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates! We will be keeping R in our thoughts and prayers (the rest of you, too, but he gets the focus this time LOL!). He is in wonderful hands at CHEO. Let us know when you can how he is doing. Does Mom get any pre-op calming meds, too?